Research Masterclass at Southampton

From the University of Southampton, an event of potential interest for postgraduates and post-docs in medieval and early modern studies:

This year’s fifth Reuter lecture, in memory of Professor Tim Reuter, will be given at 6 pm on Wednesday 18 June by Professor W.C. Jordan, Professor of Medieval History at Princeton, who has taken as his title ‘Anti-corruption campaigns in the thirteenth-century’.

During the day before the lecture we are holding a masterclass, chaired by Professor Jordan. There will be an opportunity for six (academically) young scholars to present their work in the form of a 25 minute paper, followed by discussion and commentary by Prof Jordan and the staff of the Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Culture. A prize of £100 will be awarded for the best paper on the day, and advice will be given to all paper givers on submission to the Journal of Medieval History or other appropriate journals.

The masterclass is open to postgraduate research students and postdoctoral scholars, including those employed in temporary or part-time positions in universities, archives, libraries etc. Papers may be in any subject area (not just history) and on any topic falling within the period c. 400 CE to 1550 CE. Interdisciplinary papers are welcome.

So that we can select paper givers for the masterclass, please send an abstract of c. 150 words, a brief CV and a short recommendation from supervisor or colleague to Professor Ros King, Director of the CMRC, at the email address below by Friday 2 May. We will let you know by 9 May if you have been selected. If you are not successful on this occasion we will hope to invite you to a subsequent event. Expenses up to a maximum of £75 will be available for each paper giver.

Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Culture
School of Humanities, University of Southampton, Avenue Campus, Southampton SO17 1BF United Kingdom,


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