The Exeter Early Modern Seminar 2008-9

The programme for the Exeter Early Modern Seminar is listed below. Following the success of this format in previous years, this year’s programme includes several mini-colloquia, involving 2 shorter (30 minute papers). The seminar will be held on the following Wednesdays, 4-6pm, in Amory, Room 417, followed by drinks. All are welcome to attend, including undergraduates.

Autumn Term

22 October – James Daybell (Plymouth)
‘Women, Politics and Domesticity: The Scribal Publication of Lady Rich’s Letter to Elizabeth I’

5 November – Suzy Knight (Queen Mary)
‘The Circulation of Birthing Amulets amongst Renaissance Florentine Women: Evidence of Female Support Networks in the Early Modern Period’

19 November – Maria Fusaro (History) (NB this seminar will begin at 5pm)
‘Public Service and Private Trade in the Early Modern Mediterranean: English seamen and the Venetian Courts of Law in the Seventeenth Century’

3 December – Mini-Colloquium on ‘Love and Death in Early Modern England’
Jennifer Evans (History)
‘It is Caused of the Woman’s Part or of the Mans Part: The Role of Gender in Diagnosing and Treating Sexual Incapacity in Early Modern England’
Natasha Mihailovic (History)
‘”A Set of Men who Live by Death”: Undertakers in Eighteenth-Century England’

Spring Term

21 January – Nick McDowell (English)
‘Counter-Reformation Eloquence and the Poetics of Religious Identity in Caroline Cambridge: Richard Crashaw, John Saltmarsh, John Milton’

4 February – Mini-Colloquium on Masculinity
Jennie Jordan (History)
“The Office of Christian Parents’: Father-Son Relationships in Seventeenth Century England’
Karen Harvey (Sheffield)
‘A family self? Men and the eighteenth-century home’

18 February – Postgraduate Symposium
Sessions on Continuity and Change; Text and Context

4 March – Cathy Shrank (Sheffield)
‘”That Clytemnesta”, “that fatall Medea”: The “detection” of Mary Queen of Scots, 1567-1587′

18 March – Mini Colloquium on ‘Drama and Politics in the Seventeenth Century’
Jem Bloomfield (English)
‘The Princess and the Duchess: the first edition of Webster’s Duchess of Malfi and the Spanish Match’
Briony Frost (English)
‘Supernatural Sovereignty: Re-casting Elizabeth’s Spell in Shakespeare’s Macbeth’

Summer Term

29 April – Valerie Worth (French)
‘Early Modern French Court Ceremony: Jostling for Power at the Birth of the Dauphin in 1601′

13 May Karen Edwards (English)
‘Early Modern Political Animals’


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