Exeter CISSGE Seminars

Several events in this semester’s CISSGE (Centre for the Interdisciplinary Study of Sexuality and Gender in Europe) seminar series will be of interest to early modernists:

19/11/08 – Joint DML/ CISSGE Seminar
Prof Lisa Downing (Director of CISSGE, French)
“Performativity in Queer Theory: Fluidity and the Scapegoating of Fixity”
3pm, LT7 1&2, Queen’s Building

26/11/08 – CISSGE Seminar
Dr Pascale Aebischer (Senior Lecturer in English, University of Exeter)
“Silence and Rape in Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure at the RSC, 1970-2006”
4pm, LT7 1&2, Queen’s Building

28/01/09 – Joint DML/ CISSGE Seminar
Dr Hugh Roberts (Senior Lecturer in French, University of Exeter)
“Apologies for Obscenity in French Renaissance Texts”
3pm, LT7 1&2, Queen’s Building


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