Wednesday: Hindle on Seventeenth-Century Lords and Tenants

The next Exeter Early Modern Seminar will take place this Wednesday 28 October in Amory 417, at 4pm. It is video linked to Cornwall (DM, seminar D). Our speaker is Professor Steve Hindle from the University of Warwick. His paper is entitled:

Lord and Tenant in Late Seventeenth-Century Warwickshire: The Case of Sir Richard Newdigate of Arbury, c.1678-1710

Refreshments will follow.


Medieval and Renaissance Seminars at Southampton

The Southampton Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Culture has published its latest seminar programme. 

Seminars take place at 6pm on Mondays in room 2115, Avenue campus, unless otherwise stated. Wine and nibbles will be provided. For more information contact Dr Chris Briggs or Ms Louise Rayment.

Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Culture: Seminar Series.

Semester 1. Autumn-Winter 2009-2010

13 October Dr. Christopher Tyerman (Hertford College, Oxford)

‘How to plan a successful crusade’ (Joint with History seminar).

Venue: Lecture Theatre B. NB Tuesday seminar.

26 October Dr. Catherine Richardson (Kent)

‘Shipwrecked Twins and Death’s Head Rings: Twelfth Night and an Interdisciplinary History of Jewellery’

9 November Dr. Philip Schwyzer (Exeter)

‘Trophies, Traces, Relics and Props: The Untimely Objects of Richard III.’

23 November Dr Susanne Hakenbeck (Archaeology)

‘From Walhalla to Wagner (and back again): images of a Germanic past in Bavarian nationalism.’

7 December Dr Nicholas Karn (CMRC: History)

‘Law and archaism from the twelfth century to the nineteenth: the Leges Henrici Primi and its readers.’

11 January Professor Edward Chaney (Solent)

‘The Collector Earl of Arundel and the Obelisk of Domitian’

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Exeter Medieval Seminar programme (Semester 1)

Centre for Medieval Studies


Term 1, 2009–10

Tuesdays 4–5.30 p.m.

Queen’s Building MR3


20 Oct Professor Simon Barton (Dept of History)

The Legend of the Hundred Maidens: Sexual Politics and Religious Identity in Medieval Iberia

10 Nov

Edward Mullins (Dept of History)

Using Cognitive Science to Think about the Twelfth Century: Revisiting the Individual in Twelfth-Century Latin Texts

24 Nov Barbara Mosse (Dept of English)

The Monk of Farne: A Fourteenth-Century Hermit and his Meditations

8 Dec Professor Nigel Morgan (Corpus Christi, Camb.)

Exeter Use and Sarum Use

Wine afterwards

contact: Elliot Kendall

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A Game at Chess with the Renaissance Reading Group (Today)

A reminder that Renaissance Reading Group will be meeting at 4 p.m. today in the Senior Common Room, Queens. The text up for discussion is A Game At Chess. The group will reconvene at the White Hart at 8 p.m. for drinks.

Exeter Centre for Early Modern Studies Seminar Series, 2009-10

The Exeter Early Modern Seminar 2009-10

The seminar meets on Wednesdays at 4pm, in Amory 417. It will be video-linked to the Cornwall Campus. The seminar will be followed by drinks.

Semester 1

14 October      Philip Schwyzer (English)

Trophies, Traces, Relics and Props: The Untimely Objects of Richard III

28 October      Steve Hindle (University of Warwick)

Lord and Tenant in Late Seventeenth-Century Warwickshire: The Case of Sir Richard Newdigate of Arbury, c.1678-1710

4 November      Mini-colloquium

Jo Esra (English, Cornwall campus): Truro’s Phippen Memorial: ‘a Small Monument of Great Mercy’, or, a Narrative of Religious Infidelity?

Christopher Stokes (English): A Poetics of Tears in John Donne

Andy McInnes (English): Pricks, Plenipotentiaries and Pornography: The Sexual / Textual Politics of James Gillray’s Graphic Satire

18 November     Tom Wynn (French)

Mythology and Pornotopia in eighteenth-century French Erotic theatre

9 December      Liz Tingle (University of Plymouth)

Purgatory at the Ends of the Earth: The Destiny of Souls in Counter Reformation Brittany

Semester 2

20 January      Ed Paleit (English)

‘When Roman Liberty opprest should dy’: Romano-English Politics and the Crisis of the late 1620s

3 February      Sjoerd Levelt (The Warburg Institute)

Holland’s Medieval History in the Early Modern Period

17 February      Isabelle Charmantier (History, Exeter)

Writing on Ornithology in the Seventeenth Century: Faultrier’s Traitte des Oyseaux

3 March      Sarah Toulalan (History)

Child Sexual Abuse in Early Modern England

17 March      To be confirmed

Examination Term

5 May      Mini-Colloquium on ‘Print Culture in Elizabethan England’

Lee Durbin (English): Bibliophiles and Private Libraries: Public versus Private Knowledge

Daniel Cattell (English): ‘I am a scribbled form’: Shakespeare’s King John and Catholic-Protestant Polemic’

12 May      Susan Whyman

The Social Status and Identity of the Tucker Family, Stone Merchants of Weymouth, Dorset 1700-1800

Wednesday: Schwyzer on the Relics of Richard III

The Exeter Centre for Early Modern Studies seminar series 2009-10 kicks off next week, Wednesday 14 October, with a talk by Philip Schwyzer (Exeter, English):

“Trophies, Traces, Relics and Props: The Untimely Objects of Richard III.” 

Talks in the series take place on Wednesdays, 4pm, in Amory, and are followed by drinks.  The full programme will be posted shortly, here and on the CEMS website.

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Renaissance Reading Group — New Year, New Website

The Exeter Renaissance Reading Group now has its own blog!  A link has been inserted on the right of the screen.  The convenors of the reading group for the coming year are Jem Bloomfield and Briony Frost.  First meeting coming up very soon, though the first text on the agenda will not be Marvell’s Rehearsal Transpros’d (as previously advertised), but A Game at Chess.  Hope to see many Cuppe readers there!

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CFP: Early Modern to Postmodern Medievalisms (Exeter, 9/2010)

Recasting the Past: Early Modern to Postmodern Medievalisms

A Conference at the University of Exeter

1-2 September 2010

In 1649, the radical Digger movement called on the people of England to ‘throw down that Norman yoke’; in 1849, at the launch of the periodical the Anglo-Saxon, its British readers were addressed as ‘Anglo-Saxons all’; and in 2009, a cover story for Harpers magazine accused American soldiers in Afghanistan of acting ‘exactly like the crusaders of 1096′.

This conference will draw together research examining how, from the Renaissance to the present, historical narratives about Britain’s ‘medieval’ past have been drawn on to foster communal identities; to fuel, legitimate or oppose social and political change; and to resist or moderate the forces of modernity. Confirmed speakers include Rosemary Hill, author of God’s Architect: Pugin and the Building of Romantic Britain (2007) and Bruce Holsinger, author of The Premodern Condition: Medievalism and the Making of Theory (2005).

Proposals for individual papers of 20 minutes or 3-paper panels are invited. Possible topics might include:

The formation of regional and national identities

The politics of Pre-Raphaelitism

Gothic architecture

The reception of historical medieval figures – King Alfred, Richard III, the Black Prince, etc

The social/political agendas of translation and editing projects

The uses of chivalry, monasticism, feudalism, etc in post-medieval thought and praxis

The establishment of medieval-inspired institutions and associations

The social uses of King Arthur, Robin Hood and other medieval myths/legends/folklore

Please send proposals of 200-300 words to Dr Joanne Parker, Dr Philip Schwyzer, and Dr Corinna Wagner at by 31st January 2010.