Renaissance Reading Group summons “Sophonisba”

The next (and this term’s final) meeting of the Exeter Renaissance Reading Group will take place on Wednesday 16th of December at 4 p.m. in the Senior Common Room. Inspired by the rather grim and tempestuous weather, the text we will be reading is Marston’s witchy tragedy Sophonisba. Drinks optional later on.

As advance notice, the first text to kick off next term’s meetings will be Middleton’s A Faire Quarrel. We will be rechecking the timetable for a better slot as the schedule resuffles for the new term. However, provisionally, the first meeting will be on Wednesday 27th of January at 4 p.m. in the Senior Common Room. Confirmation or change of days will be circulated nearer the time. As always, we would like to encourage M.A. and 3rd year B.A students to come along and join in, especially if you’re looking for dissertation ideas or thinking of going on to future degrees.

[Posted on behalf of the reading group co-ordinators, Jeremy Bloomfield and Briony Frost.]


Wednesday: Tingle on Purgatory at the Ends of the Earth

The final Early Modern Seminar for this term takes place this Wednesday 9 December at 4pm in Room 417, Amory.

Our speaker is Dr Liz Tingle from the History Department at the University of Plymouth. Her paper is entitled:

‘Purgatory at the Ends of the Earth: The Destiny of Souls in Counter Reformation Brittany’.

The seminar will be video-conferenced to the Cornwall campus, and will be followed by drinks.