Marvell and London: Oxford Conference July 2010

‘Marvell and London’

A two day conference to be held at Keble College, Oxford, 9-10 July, 2010, will focus on Marvell’s representation of London in his work, and on the imbrication of his poetic and satirical agendas in the landscape, politics and society of the capital. Speakers will interrogate Marvell’s place within the government of the Protectorate, his relations with other London writers, his sense of place and also his sense of dis-placement from his original base in the north, in his home city of Hull and with the Fairfax household at Nun Appleton.

Keynote speakers: Steven Zwicker, Derek Hirst, Martin Dzelzainis. Also: Ian Archer, Nicholas McDowell, David Norbrook, and Margaret Kean.

Papers include:

Martin Dzelzainis, ‘Marvell south of the river’

Nick McDowell, ”I am a free-born Roman; suffer then, / That I amongst you live a Citizen’: Marvell, Herrick, and the Poetic Culture of Inter-War London’

David Norbrook, ‘Epicurean landscapes’

Diane Purkiss, ‘Bod MS Eng.Poet d. 49: what is it?’

A panel of Princeton and Oxford graduate students

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